A reminder of last weeks’ announcement that our annual Atlantic Snow Birds Breakfast will be held on Saturday, Jan 17, 2015. We will meet, as we did last year, at the Country Kitchen in Brooksville at 9 AM. The breakfast is a gift from the Atlantic District and we will receive an offering for the vital ministry of World Hope Canada (WHC). Stephanie Gilmer, Executive Director of WHC will be our special guest.

Last week a prayer request was sent to all pastors relative to a special health challenge facing Bev Wilson, wife of Kevin Wilson, Lead Pastor of Halifax Metro. I am pleased to report that the results of the exploratory surgery of last Thursday were much more positive than first feared.  Kevin and Bev express their deep appreciation for prayers offered on their behalf. 

Big day at KV yesterday – 1006 in the seats and $101,000 in the plates. PTL! Onward and upward.


Our district office will close at noon on Christmas Eve and will reopen on Monday morning January 5th.  Voice mail will be monitored every day and regular mail will be checked regularly during those days. Peter and I will be available by cell as needed as well – Peter  at 506-232-7453 and yours truly at 596-962-2293. 

The Presidential Search Committee for Kingswood University, on which I am pleased to serve, has been diligently at work and will meet again this week. The process is moving along very well and initial interviews will soon take place. Continue to be in prayer for this vital appointment.

 A Christmas dinner that for the first time combined our Beulah and Caton’s staff along with our district office personnel was held at Up to Par on Friday evening. It was a very enjoyable evening of good food and warm fellowship. The youngest person there was Zachary Warren Hayes, the recently arrived son of Philip and Emma Hayes. If you know Zachary’s grandfather Peter, you will notice that he has granddad’s hair style already:).

Jasper Rideout will conclude his pastoral service at North Head at the end of this month. Thanks for remembering both Jasper and the church in prayer as God brings it to mind as we work through the pending transition in leadership. I met with their LBA last Sunday afternoon.

Gloria and I had opportunity to spend a day at our cottage on Saturday. It was a beautiful day as the river was mirror-like and the reflection impressive. The Master’s handiwork to be sure.

THOT: “How many observe Christ’s birthday! How few His precepts!” – Benjamin Franklin

ON SECOND THOT: “Yet as I read the birth stories about Jesus I cannot help but conclude that though the world may be tipped toward the rich and powerful, God is tilted toward the underdog.” – Philip Yancey





Saturday, Jan 17, 2015 – 9:00 am,  Country Kitchen in Brooksville, FL


Hillside Rally is just around the corner, so be sure to put down Feb 27-28 in your calendar for this event. Contact Michael Fearnley at michael@hillsidewesleyan.com for more info/questions.”



I am pleased to announce the our annual Atlantic Snow Birds Breakfast will be held on Saturday, Jan 17, 2015. We will meet, as we did last year, at the Country Kitchen in Brooksville at 9 AM. The breakfast is a gift from the Atlantic District and we will receive an offering for the vital ministry of World Hope Canada.

These breakfasts have proven over time to be a very positive event. Spread the word. Gloria and I are looking forward to seeing you and updating you on the work of our district. In the meantime, Merry Christmas!

Hammonds Plains Cornerstone had their best attendance month ever last month with an average of 314 and Truro Central Nova had their best attendance month in over 8 years with an average of 104 – Onward and upward!

The Miramichi LBA recently granted a 4 week mini-sabbatical to Pastor Gary Churchill. Congrats to Gary and to the LBA for their kind expression of support for their pastor.

Your DBA held its annual Christmas meeting last week in Fredericton. We met on Thursday and Friday.  On Thursday evening, together with our spouses, we attended a concert by Measha Brueggergosman at the Playhouse. We have an excellent, high-quality board and it is an honour to work in Kingdom ministry with them. We also had special guests Stuart Marples and A J Plaizier with us to interface with the board on UTR (Upon this Rock) – our church planting thrust in Newfoundland – and Maximizing Impact – our church revitalization ministry.  

Brazil Lake held their Road to Bethlehem production last weekend. The two presentations saw 255 people walk the “road”. Exceptional turn out in their context – well done.

Last Sunday evening the Nackawic/Millville churches held a 5th Sunday Singspiration at Maple Ridge. Ten area churches of various denominations participated and 189 people were present. A special offering was received to help Pastor Nick Graham with his medical expenses and nearly $2000 was raised. To quote Ryan Farrell “fantastic evening.”

This past week, Anton and Louise Topilnyckyj (Metro Wesleyan) attended an international gathering of military Christian fellowships held in Cape Town South Africa with 1000 other delegates representing 99 countries. The conference used prayer, praise and instruction over 70 hours to inspire and equip leaders to return home and reach their military communities. Photo is of a gift presentation of a cross made from  New Brunswick maple to the association’s president, Sri Lankan General Srial and Mrs Dilhani Weerasoorlya. Anton is the prayer co-ordinator of the Canadian military fellowship and would be pleased to share any ideas for reaching the military community.

World Hope Canada (WHC)  has recently sent a Christmas video to all of the Canadian churches in both districts. WHC is doing excellent overseas ministry and our support will be deeply appreciated and empowering.

Halifax Deep Water has launched a Scholar Series. The first instalment featured Greg Monette, a Ph. D. candidate at the University of Bristol. He serves as the Canadian Marketing Representative for Logos Bible Software and is the author of The Wrong Jesus.  He specializes in New Testament history and the origins of Christianity.

THOT: “There is no worse screen to block out the Spirit than confidence in our own intelligence.” – John Calvin

ON SECOND THOT: “A dog barks when his master is attacked. I would be a coward if I saw that God’s truth is attacked and yet remain silent.” – John Calvin

Peaceful Waters Life Coaching






Saturday, Jan 17, 2015 – 9:00 am,  Country Kitchen in Brooksville, FL

Our Maximizing Impact team which was at Bangor River City last weekend, was at Truro Central Nova this weekend. Excellent and stretching time with Pastor Ken Banks, the LBA, the Friday evening focus group and the Saturday AM “The Local Church is the Hope of the World” sessions.  Being in churches with the team for this 3 day event is energizing and sharpens focus on the Great Commission for all of us. 

One of the community impact ministries at Truro is Baby ’n Me, a monthly open house for moms to come and receive as gifts a wide range of baby “stuff”. Baby ’n Me was on this past Saturday while we were there. It was heart-warming to see this program in action and I personally had opportunity to briefly interface with a couple and their baby daughter. This is an idea worthy of replication in other churches. Pastor Ken would be pleased to interface if other pastors  have interest.

Your District Board of Administration (DBA) will be meeting this week in Fredericton. We will hear special reports from Stuart Marples concerning Upon This Rock (UTR), our Newfoundland church planting thrust and from A J Plaizier, a host pastor and now a team member for Maximizing Impact. 

Our church in Presque Isle hosted a youth rally last weekend under the leadership of their Youth Pastor Dave Sylvain. There were 18 youth groups represented with a total registration including youth and adult sponsors of nearly 250. Ecclesia and Jason Parker from Kingswood provided ministry to this multi-denominational group that saw many rededications and at least 3 confirmed salvations take place. PTL and thanks to Dave for this out-of-the-box wide tent event – onward and upward!

Our Sussex church is offering a one night Kings County Christmas event and it is sold out! Congrats to Pastor Don and crew. 

Our reconfigured camp board met last week in Moncton. The board now has two distinct sessions – a Catons Island Session and a Beulah Camp Session – each with its’ own members. Peter and I are the only crossovers on both boards. Peter, who Chairs both of the Sessions, has done excellent work in this restructure that is already serving to sharpen the point of our camping ministry focus. The two Sessions met together for dinner as you see above to launch this new step forward.

While in Truro for our MI weekend, the team went to the Glengarry Hotel on Friday evening for supper.  I sent a picture of the dessert table above to my wife Gloria. She promptly sent me a reply, ”Where r u? Heaven?”

THOT: “Somewhere between legalism and license, is the wonderful land of liberty. That is where I want to live.”  – Peter Moore at Kingswood Chapel

ON SECOND THOT: “Worship is no longer worship when it reflects the culture around us more than the Christ within us.” – A W Tozer





Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends and IMA readers.  I trust you have a wonderful holiday with origins deeply founded in Christian history and tradition. Enjoy the upcoming weekend.


Our Maximizing Impact Team – Peter Moore, L D Buckingham, A J Plaizier and yours truly – was at Bangor River City over the weekend. Excellent interchange with the pastors, the LBA and a very interactive focus group. We also were challenged by inspiring seminars with LDB and the Sunday service. Looking with optimism to the future at River City.  The team will be at Truro this coming weekend. Onward and upward!

While in Bangor I also had opportunity to share lunch with AJ and Kelly Thomas. The relaunch at Pathway is in it’s early stages and all signs are encouraging. 

“Shout out to all those who have been adopted. November is national adoption month.” – Seth Fancy


This past week I was involved in the General Board meeting held for the first time at 12Stone Church in Atlanta. Specifically, the board meetings were held in the John C Maxwell Leadership Centre and the board attended church on Sunday at 12Stone’s main campus.

Following the GB meeting, I chaired the first meeting of the recently-appointed Membership Working Group which also met at the Maxwell Centre. We are charged with a review of and recommendations going forward for our membership purpose, structure and function. Amazing group of leaders in the group with a deep commitment to Christ and the Church. Any recommendations of the group would go to the GB and, as approved or amended, on to the 2016 General Conference. More word later.

The Presidential Search Committee at Kingswood University has been diligently at work and will be interacting again this week. Please be in prayer for the Master’s will guiding forward in this critical process. 

Fredericton Crosspoint is the regional collection point for Operation Christmas Child boxes. They expect to see as many as 4000 boxes arrive there this weekend. Thanks to CP for being a pivot point in this popular and effective ministry to the “least” among us. Did your family fill a Christmas Child box this year? 

**NOTE: Crosspoint is hosting a Financial Freedom seminar with Pete Benson tomorrow (Tuesday) evening at 6:30 PM. This practical teaching is open to everyone and you are more than welcome to attend. That’s tomorrow – don’t miss it. 

Congrats to Matt and Laura Palmer, staff pastor at Fredericton Journey, on the arrival of their 4th child, Eliza Hope Palmer, born Sunday October 12th, weighing in at 7lbs 4oz. She was welcomed by her siblings Malachi, Charlotte and Jack.

THOT: “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain

ON SECOND THOT: “Many pastors are short term because they pick too many fights.” Thom Rainer




We had our first snowfall of the season last week – earlier than our normal pattern. The lawn care people showed up the same day….only in Canada. My condolences to those who live in predictable environments:).

Brad Eisan was unanimously elected as the new pastor at Faith Wesleyan in Ingomar in a congregational meeting on Monday evening.  He and his wife Tracey will assume the pastoral responsibilities there on the first Sunday of December. Congrats to Brad.

Jason Vienneau, staff pastor at Cornerstone, resigned yesterday effective in 2015.

Miramichi hosted the Nelson Remembrance Service on the 11th. There were 185 present for this excellent community connection event that honoured those who served and sacrificed in defence of our freedoms. 

Our fourth and final zone ministers meeting of this cycle was held in Woodstock last Wednesday, There were 130+ in total attendance at the meetings – a truly excellent response. I deeply appreciate the strong attendance; the energizing interaction; the high level cooperation of our host pastors and the very positive feedback. What a classy tribe!

Highest # of opens ever for IMA last week.

Fredericton Journey was honoured to baptize a military couple on Remembrance Day Sunday – an event loaded with symbolism – all good.

Head of Millstream held an anniversary celebration last Sunday with former pastor Peter Hayes as special speaker. Their attendance of 62 was nearly 300% of last year’s average. 

Last Sunday at Woods Harbour Rod Guptill dedicated David and Amy Hockley’s new baby Isaiah Frederick Douglas Hockley who was born on Oct 28th. The church also highlighted Civic Service Sunday and had some 25 visitors present. 

I will be in Atlanta early in the week for meetings of the General Board and the first meeting of the Membership Working Group. On the weened, the Maximizing Impact Team  – Moore, Buckingham, Plaizier and yours truly – will be at  Bangor River City – more word next week. 

With a heavy heart and deep regret I must report that Greg Dakin, Lead Pastor at Saint John First (SJ1) surrendered his ministerial credentials and was removed from his position on Tuesday of last week. I met with the LBA that evening and Seth Fancy was appointed as Interim Lead Pastor with immediate effect. I was at the church yesterday morning to speak with the congregation after which Seth spoke words of comfort and encouragement. We then shared in a tender time of prayer and lingering. Please be in prayer for the Dakin family, Seth, the staff and the church during these difficult days. 

THOT: “When a storm hits the church, it affects all of us. More than ever, we need to unite under the banner of Christ.” – Jim Cymbala

ON SECOND THOT: “With our own shortcomings, we are in no position to judge anyone else. The best way to forget the faults of others is to remember our own.” – Nicky Gumbel




Remembrance Day and Veterans Day will be observed this week and we will all take a reflective moment to remember and honour those who served and especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. If you see or know a veteran, please say thank you. As Churchill so poignantly put it “…..never have so many owed so much to so few.” 

The district office will be closed tomorrow – Tuesday – in honour of Remembrance/Veterans Day. Open again on Wednesday. 


The zone ministers’ meeting scheduled for Woodstock last week was snowed out – in early November no less.  The meeting has been rescheduled for Wednesday of this week at the Woodstock church beginning at 11 AM. Looking forward to a great few hours together.

Speaking of zone ministers’ meetings – we held three last week in Sussex, Halifax and Yarmouth. There were just under 100 present with one large meeting still to come this week. Excellent turn out of nearly 100% of local church appointed ministers; invigorating interaction as we grappled with real world issues of ministering in century 21; building of tribal spirit; what next discussions; network expansion; a few commercials and good pizza. Peter and I are honoured to serve such an incredible tribe – onward and upward!

November is Family Violence Awareness Month. We are all encouraged to celebrate healthy families and raise our awareness of families in need of support and resourcing. Pastors – check your inbox.

Billy Graham turned 96 last week.  What an incredible model of a life well lived and of a leader whose integrity and moral behaviour were never compromised.

Nearly 100 young ladies were a part of a Princess Tea Party at Corbett Ave on Saturday – a great children’s ministry event! The awesome lads above were the waiters for the Tea Party – go guys!

Jay and Sharon Guptill are presently in Honduras on an “exposure tour” with Compassion to view that very effective ministry first hand. 

Brad and Tracey Eisan candidated at Ingomar over the weekend. The church will vote tomorrow night – full report next week. 

Moncton had a baptism in both services yesterday morning – onward and upward!

Peter was in Sydney over the weekend to visit with the Myers  and New Roots. Pictured above are two people recently baptized by Pastor Kevin. Thanks to all of you who have been praying for and supporting the church plant at Sydney.

THOT: “At the threshold of the new day stands the Lord who made it.” – Dietrich Bonhoeffer

ON SECOND THOT: “You now, if we didn’t stick together, we would be very lost indeed.” – Winnie the Pooh





Zone Meeting in Woodstock scheduled for today is postponed due to snow storm and power outage. Redo date will be announced soon.


Zone Ministers Meetings this week – 11 AM to 2 PM with on-site lunch included.

Kings Valley launched KVEast, our first multi-site location, one year ago. The picture above is the KVEast group on the first anniversary. Onward and upward!

Brad and Tracy Eisan will be candidating at Ingomar next weekend. They are presently serving bi-vocationally at Crossroads in Lower Sackville

Fredericton Journey had 194 present for a fall Harvest Party and 90 present for a Tuesday morning Parent Playgroup. 

Don Trimper, father of Tanya Brown, pastor’s wife at Grand Harbour Central, passed away a few days ago.. His funeral was held in Digby yesterday. Don was a wonderful example of a fully devoted follower of Christ. 

Peter and I were at Deep Water last weekend for Pastor Jon’s installation. So were these guys.  This is NOT us……..

Fredericton Crosspoint is in a CP House Rules series. There are new faces, salvations and last week, standing room only in their second service. 

Moncton has been seeing people come to Christ on a regular basis this fall – three last Sunday.  This is at the core. Their youth group PRYME had a super group of students present for an overnighter on Halloween night. 

Houlton had a recent movie night and screened the God’s Not Dead movie.  Very good crowd present for this community connection event.

Thanks to all the churches that remembered and observed Pastor Appreciation Month in October. Your kindness and support is deeply appreciated.

November is Family Violence Awareness Month. In cooperation with Dr. Nancy-Nason Clark, pastors will be receiving daily items on family violence by email from our office. This is a needed emphasis in our culture. 

Several of our churches held a Trunk or Treat night at Halloween as a community outreach event. Kings Valley, Maple Ridge, Truro, Fredericton Crosspoint, Houlton and perhaps others were involved. In addition to treats being handed out, family photos were taken, Bibles given away, games played, new contacts made and community connections established or broadened. The total number touched in this way was at least 2000.  Onward and upward!

THOT: “If you have no opposition in the place you serve, you’re serving in the wrong place.” – G. Campbell Morgan

ON SECOND THOT: “We who preach the Word are not there to impress; we are there to communicate the life-giving message of the gospel.” – Thom Rainer




We were all saddened this week by the cowardly murder of two Canadian soldiers – one run down with a car and the other shot while standing post at the Memorial to the Unknown Soldier.  And then there was the hatchet attack on the four NYPD officers. All of these events would have long seemed impossible. As the world changes at a startling pace, I am greatly heartened by the rock-solid truth that we serve a Master who is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  

I am pleased to announce that the 2014 District Journal is now posted on our district website. Due to changes in our DBMD and Camp Board structures and personnel, it has taken a bit longer to complete the Journal – thanks for your patience. The silhouette picture of Gannet Rock is as Atlantic as it gets! Picture was taken by my son Troy when we had opportunity to visit Gannet together this summer courtesy of Capt. Peter Wilcox

Ken Banks will be leading a missions trip to Nicaragua in February.  This is a church construction team and there is room for a few more people to sign up. If you or someone you know is interested in further info, please contact Ken at pastor93@ns.sympatico.ca. He needs to hear from you soon due to air travel reservation time lines. This is one of the GP Atlantic trips for this church year. 

The Seal Cove church has recently designated former pastor Gene Hudson as Pastor Emeritus. He presently serves the church through seniors visitation. Congratulations Gene. 

Fredericton Crosspoint had 75 kids at CP_Kids last Tuesday – onward and upward.

Grand Harbour Central had 24 youth present last week up from 6 a year ago. New youth pastor Caleb Richardson is “gettin it done” – congrats.

I was honoured to be at Deep Water over the weekend for the installation of Jon Stephens as Lead Pastor. The installation was conducted at both the Saturday evening gathering at North Street and Sunday at Park Lane.  Great joy to welcome Jon and Erin.

Presque Isle recently held a Christmas with a Purpose sale of items produced by indigents and people escaping bondage and raised over $7000. The money goes back to the country of origin to aid those who produced the items. Well done.

Jasper Rideout has been placed on a 60 day leave-of-absence through the remainder of 2014. 

This unanimous action of the LBA was taken last week in a meeting where I was present. This is being done so that serious matters of a personal nature may be addressed. Thanks to Charles Bain, Bruce Cheney, Perry and David Ingersoll who have agreed to supply the pulpit at North Head through the end of December. 

Peter and I also met with the LBA at Ingomar yesterday as we continue to work on pastoral recruitment for the church there. I am optimistic that we will have an satisfactory resolution to the matter very soon. 

THOT: “There is the tendency to place ourselves and our ambitions at the centre of our lives. This is very human, but it is not Christian.” – Pope Francis

ON SECOND THOUGHT: ‘Christians are not so much in danger when they are persecuted as when they are admired.” – Charles H. Spurgeon





President Mark Gorveatte resigned at the Board of Trustees meeting last week with an effective date of June 30, 2015.  A Search Committee has been established and prayers are sincerely requested for the Gorveatte’s as they seek the Master’s will for their next ministry season and for Kingswood as a new leader is selected. President Gorveatte has served with passion and Kingdom focus and will leave the institution better than he found it – a reality that should define every leader. 

Dave Rowe, staff pastor at Houlton, underwent surgery last week for a blown achilles tendon.  The surgery was successful and a long recuperation period is before him. 

Truro Central Nova raised $1135 last week for the Ebola crisis. Well done.

September set a new record for the total number of viewers to It’s Monday Again. It is great that we are staying connected – it is a proven community builder.

Four young men from Kingswood were at Nackawic yesterday, including a student from there, and represented the university very effectively. 

The Upon This Rock vision team experienced a well-planned tour of the rapid expansion in the greater St. John’s area.  The harvest is plentiful in communities such as Paradise and Southlands.  The District approved vision of Stuart Marples and Solid Rock Wesleyan to launch three new satellite locations in the next five years is perfectly timed as a season of explosive growth continues in the areas surrounding Mount Pearl. The team interacted with the Satellite Team of Solid Rock and enjoyed a powerful time of prayer in the Southlands Community Centre (a possible site) with several of the core leaders of the church.  The opportunity to reach lost people and regain lost ground for the church on The Rock has never been greater.

The sign that is being held above Graham Perry’s head in the pic says that their dream is to be in It’s Monday Again :).

There was a District Board of Ministerial Development (DBMD) leader training day held at Kingswood last week and hosted by HQ staff. Our district was represented by Dale MacDonald, DBMD Chair and Greg Hansen, DBMD Secretary. 

Mandate – the mens event at Crosspoint – was held over the weekend. Great reports – more than 80 men in attendance – and a date already set for October 16-17 next year. It is great to see the strong focus on men’s ministry in a number of our churches this fall. Onward and upward. 

Fort Fairfield received three new members yesterday and baptized seven – amazing. Attendance more than doubled from a year ago. PTL. 

Gloria was discharged from hospital lastThursday. There is much ground to be gained and significant treatment decisions still to be made. Thanks for your ongoing prayers and concern.  

October – Pastor Appreciation Month – a reminder if needed.

November – Family Violence Awareness Month – resource emails coming to pastors.

Zone Ministers Meetings coming up in a few weeks – pastors/staff pastors attendance expected – other ministers welcome. More detail by email. 

THOT: “Life is too short to worry about stupid things. Pray. Trust God. Enjoy life. Don’t let the little things get you down.” – Nicky Gumble

ON SECOND THOT: “God used the megachurch to reach Korea and the house church to reach China. Models should be held loosely and Christ held tightly.” – Ed Stetzer





Kingswood is gearing up for their fourth annual ENGAGE conference on October 24-25. Designed for pastors, worship leaders, and anyone involved in planning or implementing the weekend worship gathering in the local church, teams that attend find this event to be an inspiring Fall experience.

Visit www.kingswood.edu/engage for information about seminars, keynotes and registration. Take advantage of early bird pricing until September 15th!





Today is Canadian Thanksgiving and there is much for which to give thanks. The district office is closed today for the holiday and will reopen tomorrow – Tuesday. Happy Thanksgiving! Our American friends  – you will have your opportunity in just a few weeks. 


October is Pastor Appreciation month.  I know that many churches have already expressed appreciation in a variety of ways. Just a reminder that if your church has not done so as yet, this is a great opportunity to let your pastor know that he/she is loved and the ministry provided is truly appreciated. 

Pastors Rod Guptill, Gary Churchill  and Bill Lea along within the crew above are in Cuba on a short term missions trip.  We are so honoured to partner with the growing work in Cuba and our prayers are with the team.  Have you signed up for a short term mission trip this year?  If not, visit www.GPAtlantic.ca and click on Short Team Trips – this may be your time.

Leota Stairs, wife of Rev. Arnold Stairs passed away last week and her funeral was held on Friday.  I was honoured to bring brief remarks on behalf of our district and to gratefully acknowledge her life time of service to the Master.  Our sympathy is expressed again to Arnold, Reid, Nadine, their spouses and families. 

Would you trust your kids to this trio?  I certainly would! Excellent planning session for the growing ministry of Caton’s Island was held last week. Caton’s has expanding influence for the Cause and I thank God for these three – Ben Canney, Dean Stephenson and Peter Moore who are planning, praying and preparing for the continued  growth and spiritual impact of Caton’s. 

I met with the LBA at Bangor River City last week to respond to their application for consideration as a Maximizing Impact (MI) church. The meeting went very well and our consultation team will be there for a weekend in November. Our two MI churches for this fall are Truro Central Nova and Bangor River City. There are other applications on file and two of those will be selected for the spring of 2015.

On the trip to River City, I also had opportunity to briefly visit with AJ and Kelly Thomas and their boys, to see the home where they are living and take AJ to dinner; share breakfast with Matt Maxwell; meet with Nancy Nason-Clark (more word later) and have lunch with Mark Brewer. It is always great to be out and about with the tribe. 

Gloria continues her stay in the hospital and the above sign is about 2 meters from her bed. No, she has not been renamed Rachael – but due to space management issues, she is in the obstetrics unit. Thanks for your cards, contacts and prayers during these days. 

I attended church in Moncton yesterday. Very timely and on point word from Pastor Mike Tapper, who joined the staff there this summer.  Great to have the Tappers back on our district. 

Fredericton Journey held a Men Gone Wild event last weekend with some 75 men in attendance. They were challenged by a special guest who is an outdoors expert; took part in outdoor activities and of course, enjoyed some wild meat. 

Zone Ministers Meetings coming up in a few weeks – pastors/staff pastors attendance expected – other ministers welcome. More detail by email. 

One of us was unpacking stuff in the office and one was going to a funeral….Truly blessed to have Peter as an integral part of our district leadership team.

A good read this week:

The seven warnings on social media usage:

  1. Consider anything you say on social media to be permanent.
  2. You can be misunderstood often on social media.
  3. Emoticons are not sufficient to soften what you have posted.
  4. Attacks on other people’s character or positions are considered cowardly by many.
  5. Too many Christian leaders are posting on social media in the heat of emotional moments.
  6. Churches and other Christian organizations are checking social media of Christian leaders.
  7. The non-Christian world is watching Christians attack each other on social media.

THOT: “We are told to let our light shine, and if it does, we won’t need to tell anybody it does. Lighthouses don’t fire cannons to call attention to their shining- they just shine.” – Dwight L Moody

ON SECOND THOT: “I have had more trouble with myself than with any other man.” – Dwight L Moody





Kingswood is gearing up for their fourth annual ENGAGE conference on October 24-25. Designed for pastors, worship leaders, and anyone involved in planning or implementing the weekend worship gathering in the local church, teams that attend find this event to be an inspiring Fall experience.

Visit www.kingswood.edu/engage for information about seminars, keynotes and registration. Take advantage of early bird pricing until September 15th!